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This form is for Business Web Sites requesting a link to a pre-existing web page on our Craft Supply Page.  You must already have a web page (we do not create & maintain one for you).  Your web page must contain craft supplies in order to be listed on our Craft Supply Page. 

  PatternPage is a great way to Get Traffic to your Craft Supply Web Site!

Deluxe Craft Supply Link  * Your site must contain Craft Supplies to qualify for a Deluxe Craft Supply Link.  * You can have finished crafts, kits and/or patterns but you must have craft supplies too to qualify for our Deluxe Craft Supply Link.  Your link will be listed on PatternPage's Craft Supply Page at:  With a Craft Supply Link every time you update your web page with new supplies or a craft supply special offer, let us know and we will also add your link to our "New Arrivals Page" for 30 days (  We will then email all our guests on our  "New Pattern Email Notification List" and let  them know you have updated your web page with new craft supplies or offer.  We currently have over 4,000 guests on our email notify list.  If you offer a contest giveaway let us know and we will also include you on our PatternPage Contest Giveaway Page!  

To Sign up for a Deluxe Craft Supply Link print & complete the form below.
You also have the choice to pay with PayPal.

All Links Must Be Approved by us.  We reserve the right to decline linking to websites that we feel are offensive to our viewing audience, inappropriate or not related to our web site or in direct competition to PatternPage Online Catalog.  If you offer web design services to crafters, you are considered a competing business and will not be approved.

Print & complete this form & mail payment (payable to: Shelley Wain) to:  Shelley Wain, 1731 Gill Hall Rd., Dept LS, Finleyville, PA 15332.  For questions email:   You can now pay for Deluxe Craft Supply Link securely with PayPal.  Just click on the "Buy Now" button.  Once we receive your PayPal payment we will email you our Link Info. Form to fill out.  Once we receive the completed email form back, your link will be added to PatternPage within 1-3 days. 

Which plan are you requesting:  Check the one that applies.  

_____ Deluxe Craft Supply Link You must provide a link to somewhere within your web site. 

___ $35 for 6 month ~
___ $55 for 1 year  ~


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Do Have a Contest Giveaway on your web site?  Yes  /  No   *If yes your link will be added to our Contest Page

Do you accept wholesale inquiries?   
Yes  /  No   *If yes we will add a symbol so our customers know this.

With a Deluxe Craft Supply Link you must provide a link back to somewhere within your web site.  Please list below the page that our banner/link can be found at on your web site.  Our banner for you to use is located at the top of this page.  Link it to

http://                                                                                                 ________

Form of Payment: Circle how you will pay for your link:  PayPal / Ck  /MO  / MC / Visa / Dis / AE
*If you are paying by PayPal you don't need to fill out below credit card info.

Name on Card if paying by credit card: _____________________________________

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