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My challenge is to provide you with items that become heirlooms for your family and friends. With a touch of nostalgia and a dash of whimsy my patterns will provide an innovative starting point for you. I was raised in a Mennonite home in Oregon and remember spending many days playing under large quilts, during a quilting bee. This reminiscing instills a desire in me to create items that bring the thoughts of "oh, I remember that" and "my grandmother or great grandmother had one of those"! My Mother taught me to share and save, recycle and restore which is why many of my patterns are made from recycled fabrics and found items. It is exciting to create something wonderful from simple found items and we can find great joy in doing so! Chris Thomson, Sew Inspired Designs



Century Saint Nick

Create a charming primitive Santa to celebrate this Christmas season.  This stoic Santa has a presence all his own.  Made with patchwork wool squares and wonderful lambs wool beard he will delight all ages.  Finished Size 16"
Pattern #109 ~  $9.50 ppd.
Kit Available  ~  $35.00 + S&H

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Hooked on Pillows!
A proper Country Rug Hooked Pillow

If you are tired of threading needles and tying knots this old form of rug hooking will captivate you.  The texture and rich colors of wool are irresistible, and the soft gentle texture of flannel creates a cozy pillow.  Enjoy, and get hooked!  Developed as a teaching tool, and to accommodate wool and cotton flannel, you will love the results whatever fabric is used.  Approximate size - 17"
Pattern #107  ~  $9.50 ppd.
Kit Available  ~  $35.00 + S&H



The Chicken Coop!
A Proper Country Door Stop or Pincushions
Bring the chickens home to roost at your doorstop or sewing table!  Make the large doorstop hen, the smaller pin cushion hen or the newest addition of Mini-Pinny.  Add some proper country living to your home with one of these functional pieces.  Some machine & hand sewing to finish each project.

Featherweight (Doorstop)
Finished size: 10"Tall - 14" Long
Pattern #101  ~  $9.50 ppd.
Kit Available  ~  $35.00 + S&H.

Henny Pinny (Pin Cushion)
Finished size: 6"Tall - 10" Long
Pattern #102  ~  $9.50 ppd.
Kit Available  ~  $30.00 + S&H.

Mini-Pinny (Pin Cushion - no photo)
Finished size: 4"Tall - 6.5" Long
Pattern #116  ~  $9.50 ppd.
Kit Available  ~  $25.00 + S&H

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Snow Folk
A Proper Country Table Runner

What a fun & whimsical table runner to add to your winter celebrations!  These 3 Snowmen bring a hearty welcome to the snowy months in Canada - The Great White North and they will invite you to sit by the fire & rest your hot toddy next to them.  This pattern incorporates the basics of applique by using the buttonhole stitch. The rich colours and fascinating texture of felted wool will surprise you.   Finished size 14"x 21" 
Pattern #110  ~  $9.50 ppd.
Kit Available  ~  $55.00 + S&H



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Hobby Horse
(And optional Unicorn Variation)
A Proper Country Stick Horse
The toy where imagination takes over and away you ride!
The patient ones, pastured in corners, fill the house with soft country.

When my son Cameron was 6 months young I made my first Hobby Horse...soon after that a 6-year young neighbor purchased the first Hobby Horse.  From then on Hobby Horses have been galloping out of my home delighting children of all ages.  Finished size - Head is 12" (3'- 4' for stick)
Pattern #103  ~  $9.50 ppd.
Kit Available  ~  $35.00 + S&H.



Twirly Monkey
Sew Inspired Designs Brings You The Olde Fashioned Sock Monkey

Bring back the "Good Old Days" by making a Barrel of Monkey's.  Clear directions for the nostalgic sock monkey of yesteryear.  The size depends on the socks you use, from this pattern you can produce monkeys from 5" to 20".  Finished size:  Varies (depend on sock size).
Pattern #104  ~  $9.50 ppd.
Kit Available  ~  $25.00 + S&H

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Sweet Heart
A Romantic project to enhance your home
A Water Color Wall Hanging Quilt

Explore the basics of watercolor in this pattern with ideas and helpful hints for a Sweetheart of a wall hanging. Even two additional grids enclosed for designing interlocking heart shapes.  Finished size: 29"x 28"
Pattern #105  ~  $9.50 ppd.



Run-A-Way  Bear!
An old fashioned heirloom bear for you collection!

For those of you not ready to tackle a fully jointed bear, but would like the charm of a movable is your chance to make a wonderful bear full of character and whimsy to enhance your collection!  If you are not careful...this bear will run after you or away from you!  Designed to entertain...simply hold hands with this bear and gently lift...soon your bear will take off...swinging his legs & running! Finished Size: 25" Tall.
Pattern #106  ~  $9.50 ppd.

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